my prize!


My recipe, Coconut Beignets with Lime Sugar, won fellow Baltimore food blogger Coconut and Lime‘s original recipe contest! I met up with Rachel over the weekend to pick up my prize.

My treasures include a lovely dish towel with a soda bread recipe, Haribo fizzy cola gummies, and best yet, a beautiful cookbook, Italian Two Easy: London River Cafe. The recipes are simple and straightforward, and uses wonderfully fresh and seasonal ingredients. I already have my eye on a few recipes! Dilatoni pasta with mussels and white wine… savoy cabbage soup with ricotta crostini… zucchini scapece (like zucchini fries)… poached black fig with almonds… and lemon ricotta pinenut cake. It’s the perfect selection of dishes for the summer, with whole chapters dedicated to lemon desserts, grilled fish, and fresh mozzarella salads. Very inspiring, and really brings you back to the foundation of great food: fresh simple ingredients.

6 thoughts on “my prize!”

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