les petits pois


Hello in there, little ones! Mes petits cheries. As I child, I ate sweet peas with such glee, never once stopping to think where they actually came from. Naturally their indigenous habitat was in a plastic bag, amongst thousands of its frozen brothers and sisters. It wasn’t until recent years at a farmer’s market that I realized that these tiny babes came from a shell! Shelled peas! Imagine that. My love for them increased ever more after finding this out. It is oftentimes a bit of a revelation to find out where your food actually comes from. Just think, who would have ever made the connection that a tender artichoke heart came from that large green prickly cone of a vegetable, which is actually in fact a flower.

I like my peas stirfried with shrimp, ginger and scallions. When I make fried rice with peas, I always eat the peas first. Fresh peas are also lovely when eaten straight from the pod. How sweet.

How do you like your peas?

2 thoughts on “les petits pois”

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