watermelon jalapeno mint mojito

fruit, libations

There was a big watermelon sitting in my fridge this week…was, but no longer. I juiced it all. This was no small feat as 1)this particular melon was quite large 2) the feed tube on my juicer is small (and so I had to cut many many cubes, of which many did not quite make it into the juicer but instead into my mouth) 3) juicy fruits tend to be messier to juice, and 4) my countertops were covered in a sticky layer of pink goo at the end. In recognition of my own efforts and to reward myself on a job well done, I muddled up some fresh mint and jalapeno, added simple syrup, light rum, and topped it off with watermelon juice.

How you say?…ahhh yes…afternoon delight.

Watermelon Jalapeno Mint Mojito

1 part light rum
1 part simple syrup
fresh watermelon juice

Muddle mint and jalapeno in a tall collins glass to release the flavors. Add simple syrup and watermelon juice. Mix, and serve chilled over ice.
Garnish with mint and jalapeno slice.

3 thoughts on “watermelon jalapeno mint mojito”

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