five guys burgers and fries


In the lobby of my apartment, there is a Five Guys. This could be a really bad thing or a really really good thing. They do burgers and fries, and they do it well. Burgers are made to order, and you can add up to 15 toppings for free. Prices are affordable, as a plain hamburger starts at $3.99 (which includes 2, count them 2 patties) and a “little hamburger” at $2.69 (1 patty). A regular (as opposed to large) order of fries is more than enough for one, well maybe one extremely starved individual, but definitely sufficient for 2. The meat is always cooked to well-done, which may not be to the liking of many who prefer their burgers pink and juicy. My only peeve is that since the burgers are wrapped in foil while still warm, the buns tend to get limp and soggy. Otherwise, the flavors are straightforward, and the portions quite generous.

Mostly, it’s convenient! And while you wait for your order, you can snack on all the peanuts you can eat and even toss the shells on the floor. There’s unlimited drink refills, ketchup, and malt vinegar for your fries too. Overall, the food is clean, pure, and pretty much all natural, so it’s probably better eating here over BK or McDonalds, but nonetheless, just as bad for your arteries.

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