vanilla, bay leaf poached guava

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I picked up a guava fruit from the market the other day, and was disappointed to find the pale green flesh upon cutting it open. Where was the beautifully ripe, pink center that’s so common of a guava? Well it seems like I purchased an apple guava, one of the more popular varieties here in the Western hemisphere. Guava that is indigenous to Hawaii and Southeast Asia have the more typical pink flesh.

Here, I poached slices of guava and green apple in a simple syrup infused with vanilla bean and a bay leaf. Poached fruit always reminds me of fall; these flavors are perfect to welcome in the new season, and of course, even better when served with a dollop of crème fraîche whipped cream.

Vanilla, Bay Leaf Poached Guava and Apple

1 guava fruit, peeled, seeded and sliced
1 apple, any variety, peeled, cored and sliced
2 cups water
1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 vanilla bean
1 bay leaf

1. In a saucepan, combine water, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla and bay leaf together, and bring to a boil. Lower heat to medium and let reduce for 5 minutes.

2. Add the guava and apple slices. Cook until fruit is tender, about 10 minutes. Let cool completely.


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