faBOOless cupcakes

I’m going to catch you in my evil web of buttercream!

These cupcakes may not chill your blood, but they will whet your appetite! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Everyone’s creative juices are free flowing, there’s a chill in the air, and not to mention the sea of fun-size candies that are as prepared to rot your teeth as you are to plow through them. I had so much fun decorating these; it was almost a pity to eat them! (But I got over it.) Happy Halloween everyone!

valleys of buttercream
tastes much better than real candy corn
creepy crawly things
take your pick
like black-bottom muffins, these are “orange-bottomed” (pumpkin, mmmm)

4 thoughts on “faBOOless cupcakes”

  1. Those look so yummy! Except for the spiders, which are totally creepy (way to go making them look lifelike!)

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