a suitcase full of pocky

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It’s good to be back on U.S. soil and I’m especially ecstatic about having attained a rather large supply of Pocky loot! I feel like a richer woman indeed.

Pocky, thin biscuit sticks that originated in Japan, has worked its way into mainstream American snack culture too. They’re extremely popular all over China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well. Perfectly straight, lightly sweetened biscuits, Pocky are super fun to eat. Why oh why must they come in such small packages! I doubt you’d find them anytime soon on the shelves at Costco, but a girl can dream… It’s what’s on the outside that counts. This is nowhere more true than it is on Pocky. There’s a sheer plethora of flavors. (One of my favorite is Gentlemen’s Pocky, for the more distinguished palate.) Only a dozen or so are available in the U.S. for retail sale. But I was able to procure some new flavors while in China.

From left to right-
milk – not quite white chocolate; strong dairy taste
caramel – with hints of almond and hazelnut
shrimp – tastes like Asian shrimp crackers
milk coffee – like a latte!
sweet corn – better than popcorn

I really can’t say it enough, but I had a wonderful trip. And yes, it was more than one day long (see previous post). Many of the dishes I’ll write about this month will be dedicated to my grandfather, the true chef and one of the greatest influences in my life, and not just culinary. More so than ever this time, I found myself to be more and more like him, to have the same habits, preferences, and eccentricities for food. He truly lives to cook, to cook for his loved ones, to reap the joy of seeing a stuffed mouth, to hear chopsticks clanging on bowls, to hear the eager requests for second helpings. This is what he holds dear. And me, likewise.

2 thoughts on “a suitcase full of pocky”

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip…thanks for sharing it with us. I love Pocky…but rarely see them here. I am intrigued by the coffee flavored one..

  2. I see Pocky everytime I go to our military commissary! Don't know if they all have them. Only a couple varieties. Now I'll have to try them.

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