thanksgiving recap I

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Yes, yes, I’m sure everyone is all turkey-ed out… I know I sure am. Two big dinners in the course of four days, one cooked by my dad and me, the other all by myself, with the contribution of a most lovely chocolate cake baked by my pal J. It’s so interesting that most of us Thanksgiving cooks very rarely stray from the traditional dishes, staying within the confines of a roast turkey or ham, some sort of potato, green bean, stuffing, and pumpkin dishes. I truly admire any dissenters, those who put their own spin, or even ethnic twist, on such a time-honored feast.

My dad and I collaborated on a mixed American and Chinese style Thanksgiving. It was well received by all…wasn’t bizarre in the least. It was certainly nice to give thanks to all the ways in which we could these prepare dishes, in ways true to our heritage and in those of our adopted heritage as well.

Di San Xian – “Three Flavors” a northeastern Chinese stirfry of bell pepper, sweet potato, and eggplant

Song Reng Yu Mi– Stirfry of sweet corn with toasted pinenuts

Roast green beans with red onion, cranberries, walnuts


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