thanksgiving recap II

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Three hectic days later, a small get-together was hastily thrown together in a downtown Baltimore high-rise for a small group of twenty and thirty somethings…. The key players were a roast turkey breast, and many a hearty side dish.

On the feasting table:
roast turkey breast, thyme and sage
cranberry apple sauce
mango chutney
creamy potato and parsnip puree with horseradish cream
cornbread stuffing with sausage and chestnuts
roast green beans with shallots and walnuts
roasted beet and field greens salad, Humboldt Fog goat cheese, beet vinaigrette


Let’s not forget dessert…

pumpkin pie, spiced cookie crust
old-fashioned chocolate layer cake (not pictured)

For only five of us, we made a commendable effort in making a dent in the meal…not to say there weren’t exorbitant amounts of leftovers! For a week, we had turkey in every conceivable permutation possible. Needless to say, turkey will not be on the menu at Christmas! Duck, perhaps…. and maybe a side of duck fat-fried potatoes…

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