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Traditional Eggs Benedict (above)

It was like going to your grandmother’s house for Sunday brunch. Sitting by the window of a renovated townhouse, sipping on a big mug of coffee, wrapped in a big chunky sweater, something like your grandfather would putz around in. It was all so cozy. They say that couples who brunch together stay together. Mr.S took me to b bistro in Bolton Hill. I had wanted to go to IHOP. In retrospect, his was a much better brunch choice.

The brunch menu is small, which I appreciate since I am the world’s most indecisive person. Give me a large menu, and I’ll be sitting there for hours wringing my hands. Split up into omelets, and benedicts with 3 variations each, pancakes, a breakfast burrito, and some other breakfasty things, the menu is very straightforward. I had traditional eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon. The yolks were perfectly cooked, the Hollandaise nicely balanced between light and rich. The potatoes however, were slightly wet and mush-like. Mr.S’s breakfast burrito was good, with the best part of the dish being the fresh salsa, with like, a ton of garlic. For the filler, there was a generous portion of scrambled egg, sausage, black beans and onion.

Breakfast Burrito

What I love best of “b” is the environment, the warm and extremely social atmosphere. Because of the almost cramped dining room, you are sat in very close proximity to your neighbors. There’s the low hum of 10 different conversations going on around you, warmth from the open kitchen in the rear, and the peaceful serenity of the historical residential neighborhood outside. Oh yes, there’s a bottle of Tabasco on each table, a small detail I adore. And so, my love affair with b continues…

B, Bolton Hill Bistro in Baltimore

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  1. I’ve been meaning to brunch at b for ages…your little review just reminded me that I need to go there, and soon!

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