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If only I could say Yum-O! without being completely mortified with myself. Well then that’s most probably the terminology I would use to describe this scrumptious treat.

My all-time favorite bakery is in Vienna, Virginia (where I’m from) called Cenan’s, with the most delectable selection of scones, muffins, croissants, mini brioche, cookies, and cakes. My knees literally go weak when I walk in this store. I remember during high school, I’d skip class just to come get a pressed chicken panini sandwich. Everything in handmade, including a large counter stacked with artisanal breads, all crusty and densely laden with whole grains, fruits and nuts. Amongst the shelves, you can find imported coffees, olive oils, spreads and grains, along with house-made dips (smoked salmon, hummus, artichoke), fresh fetas and suchuk, an aged Turkish sausage.

The cinnamon swirl is a must-try, must-buy. The size of a baby’s head, it is thousands of flaky, buttery layers of the most tender pastry, swathed in a dusting of cinnamon, and finally rolled in a thick layer of fine sugar. And, it’s only $1.90!

If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, try this, a walnut-orange-cranberry scone, a chocolate croissant, any of the panini sandwiches, a cup of aromatic Turkish coffee, and a piece of the creamiest tiramisu cake you’ll ever have in your entire lifetime. And make sure to bring home a loaf of the raisin-pecan sourdough and a large square of fluffy foccacia.

Cenan’s Bakery
122 Branch Road, SE
Vienna, VA 22180

2 thoughts on “my favorite swirl”

  1. that looks so good, and not at all greasy, like so many cinnamon switls are. It really looks light and airy….so who has cinnamon swirls like that in baltimore?

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