halloweenie cakes

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I stayed in this Halloween. For the first time in years. Didn’t have a costume planned… didn’t really want to. (And maybe had a law school text open for a few minutes here and there throughout the night….shhh! don’t want to let it leak I’m actually a gigantic nerd…. GASP) All I wanted was to stay in, watch a movie and get my shoulders rubbed by Mr. S. But most important… stuff my face with FUN-size candy bars. Which btw, are not really fun for anybody. They are too small for anyone to actually enjoy them, unless you fit no less than 5 in your mouth at one time. And, such a waste of wrappers! There’s too many, which make me feel like a complete gluttonous pig. By the time my sweet tooth is somewhat satiated, I already feel a zit the size of Montana growing. So seriously, no fun for anyone. Hand me one of those king-size bars anyday.

To add to this weeklong sugar fest, my friend and I volunteered for a Halloween bakesale. Normally, I probably would have gone all out, hell yea, 8-layer cake with pumpkin buttercream and all the works. But folks, I am now a first year law student, and thus submitted to becoming a slave of The Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting duo. Which is not to say I don’t, on occasion, love to dip a finger in a jar of whipped sugar fluff, or cut into a no-fail, over-vanilla-ated, piece of “yellow cake.” I’m definitely not too good for these convenience go-to’s. And they were super fun to make (honestly FUN in this case) and decorate and then sell at 3x the price of the ingredients to starving law students. Mwahaha. How eeevil.

They were hella good. We made some mini cupcake size versions, so I’ve decided to name them HalloWEEENIE cakes. That was supposed to be funny, but considering as how I am probably on a sugar high, maybe it wasn’t. Anyway, enjoy the pictures…

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