H10847260_10100710997996165_9001359575008860896_oi there. I’m an expat and food enthusiast living in Tokyo, by way of San Francisco. As the name of this site suggests, I am driven to eat, write, and photograph by my curiosity for all things edible! Here, you’ll find my journal about my life in Tokyo as an American, documenting what and where we eat, drink, shop, buy, and play. The “we” being my hubs and I, and our Yorkie, also both curious and ravenous. Happy reading and please comment!

3 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. love the food photos! we’d love for you to become a local trip expert with us on http://www.yourlocalcousin.com. We’re a NYC based startup and we connect travelers with locals for customized trip planning. Japan is a hot destination. You get paid to give advice. Hope to hear from you!

  2. John says:

    Nice website. Do you mind sharing which theme you are using on WordPress?

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