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Hidemi Sugino Pâtisserie (Kyobashi)

Last week, I lined up for cake, and as a result, joined the countless other fans across the world who make up the cult following of Japanese pastry chef Hidemi Sugino. Having just been awarded the title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, at the Asia’s […]


halloweenie cakes

I stayed in this Halloween. For the first time in years. Didn’t have a costume planned… didn’t really want to. (And maybe had a law school text open for a few minutes here and there throughout the night….shhh! don’t want to let it leak I’m […]

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cinnamon sugar bites

Oftentimes, when I bake large layer cakes, I’ll set aside a little bit of the cake batter to make myself a few treats, as a reward. I fill up a couple of slots in my mini-cupcake pan, sprinkle on a topping of choice for the […]



Probably the largest cake I’ve ever made, this one was created to celebrate a new chapter in Mr.S’s life, his quickly approaching move to San Francisco, and a sad departure from a lifetime in Baltimore. (Pardon me, it’s really not as depressing as I make […]


cakelove, revisited

I’ve written many many reviews. And yes, I pass judgment. But I always continue to tell myself that judging an establishment based on one single visit cannot suffice (unless the rest of my readers all agree with me). It simply doesn’t tell the whole story. […]


chocolate raspberry madeleines

There’s something about afternoon tea that I love. The idea of sneaking in a whole other meal of sandwiches and biscuits, and calling it tea, is ingenious. Perhaps it is its ability to civilize even the most etiquette-challenged of individuals, at least for one afternoon. […]


honey sesame cupcakes

Spring is abloom. The longer and warmer days has reinvigorated my baker’s instincts, so this week, my oven has been seeing more action than usual. I’ve been toying with this idea of a honey and sesame cake, two flavors I adored as a kid. I […]


grapefruit cake with honey cream

What a week. It’s been the week of disappointing desserts in my kitchen. I won’t fill you in on all the details, but just picture curdled eggs in custards, and seized-up chocolate batters. I really needed something comforting to turn to, and that for me […]


flourless chocolate pear torte

Second to a chocolate bar, flourless chocolate cake is the next best way of delivering the highest percentage of chocolate (with the best chocolate to weight ratio) straight to your veins. Who needs all that starchy filler they call flour? Surely not me. Give me […]


jewish apple cake

The first time I’d heard of Jewish apple cake was when I had first started dating Mr.S, I’d asked him what his favorite cake was. Being born and bred in Baltimore, he told me “Jewish apple cake, of course,” followed by all sorts of drooling […]


cakelove comes to baltimore

I drove by the Safeway in Canton last month, and almost stopped dead in the middle of traffic. So, it seems that Cakelove is opening up next to the Starbuck’s next month. Never heard of it? Well, you may have heard of the show Sugar […]


baltimore cupcake company

I finally made my way over to the Baltimore Cupcake Company last week, after hearing mouthwatering raves from many a friend and loyal followers of these top-heavy mini cakes. The store is in a word, delightful. It’s every little girl’s tea party dream, pink walls, […]


taro cheesecake

It’s really been way too long since I’ve posted. Which doesn’t mean I have not been cooking. Exactly the opposite, indeed. Prepping for turkey week, cooking two gargantuan meals, and hostessing a dinner party, all while battling a deathly cold, really took the wind out […]

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beijing style pastries

Every time we return from a trip to Beijing, we bring back a shoebox filled with pastries and delicacies. (We always cross our fingers at customs.) These are all typical, traditional Beijing-style pastries that are popular throughout northern China too. Though many more Chinese have […]

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faBOOless cupcakes

I’m going to catch you in my evil web of buttercream! These cupcakes may not chill your blood, but they will whet your appetite! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Everyone’s creative juices are free flowing, there’s a chill in the air, and not […]


eve’s pudding

The Anglophile in me is truly drawn to the simplicity and robustness of British dishes. No room for light mousses nor decadent ganaches, Brit desserts are stick-to-your-ribs, no nonsense creations, yet elegant in their own right. They’d be like the elephants of the dessert kingdom, […]


pink lady cake

Everyone loves fluffy pink cake. No? Especially with vanilla buttercream and dark chocolate ganache. I made a cake for my friend Amy’s birthday over the weekend. It’s pink, our sorority color, from college. And truly, it is a cake fit for a real l-a-d-y. It’s […]