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Gen Yamamoto, A Cocktail Tasting

Gen Yamamoto is not your typical cocktail bar. Margarita on the rocks? Vodka martini? Forget it. This is not where you go to get your drink on on a Friday night while swiping through Tinder. Nor is it a fancy craft cocktail place with the […]


Pony (Copenhagen)

It’s one thing when the expectedly good turns out as such, but entirely another when the unexpected turns out to be exceedingly good. Following a superb dinner at Relæ, the next night, we dined at Pony, a relatively lesser known restaurant in the western part of Copenhagen […]

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st. benoît yogurt

Really, I’m not sure what the hype is all about. I’ve read so much praise and fanfare about St. Benoît yogurt that I just simply had to try a pot of this liquid gold. It tasted fresh and definitely better, than say a tub of […]

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woodberry kitchen

There’s a new kind of creature in town, and it’s called the locavore. It prefers to surround itself in a sustainable, organic habitat, subsisting on locally grown foods, and leaving the slightest carbon footprint as could be. The recently opened Woodberry Kitchen is a watering […]