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Kissaten YOU

Westernized Japanese food, or Japanified Western food? There’s no good answer to this seemingly odd question. But, whatever the answer, the food that’s typically served at old school Japanese kissaten, or coffee shops, has become a distinct cuisine unto its own in Japanese culture. There […]


egg custard tarts

I ran some errands in Chinatown today, and as a reward, treated myself to a box of dan ta, or egg custard tarts. These were my favorite Chinese dessert as a kid. The custard is a brilliant shade of yellow… creamy and subtly sweet. I […]


jian bing: beijing street food

Ever since I was little, my parents treated street food in Beijing like the bad boy in high school; they barred me from even getting within a 10 feet range, they covered my eyes, telling me how it was dirty, cheap, and would give me […]



Very rarely do I take the time to make my own condiments. They’re so easily overlooked when the store-bought versions come so prettily packaged and just so darn convenient. For this, I’m sorry. Because condiments are a big deal in my daily eating, a big […]


the incredible (hard-boiled) egg

This is Monsieur Jacques Pepin’s fail-proof way of making hard-boiled eggs. He states some common problems with badly boiled eggs: -unpleasant sulfur gas smell -tough whites -greenish hue around the yolk To prevent this, Pepin advises to simply prick a hole in the shell at […]