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Taco Rice タコライス (Recipe)

When Mr. S and I first move to Tokyo, we ate out almost every day because we had none of our pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Although we had some rental kitchen items, we were seriously tempted by the thought of exploring our new neighborhood, and […]

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The Hunt for Fresh-Mex in Tokyo

What is a life without good fresh-Mex food? A pitiful existence, I’m afraid, devoid of the pleasures of having your burrito deconstructed into a bowl form, or having a mountain of fresh guacamole piled high atop a “light” carnitas salad with cheese and sour cream. […]

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El Rincon de Sam (Ebisu) and Mariachi Samurai…

“So…where can we get good authentic Mexican food?” we found ourselves asking everyone when we moved here to Tokyo. Typically, our listener would then engage in lots of head scratching and “…eeeeto…..” (literally “uuum” in Japanese). That is, until we met a friend-of-a-friend, who is […]

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rocking horse cafe

A bit of a college reunion this past weekend in New York… we gathered for our good friends’ wedding on Long Island. It’s not often that you attend a wedding and you know both the bride and groom so well, but we were lucky enough […]


SF, day 2

I strolled over to Mr.S’s office today to meet him for lunch, al fresco. It was one of those rare, hot days in SF, almost 80 under the sun. I’ve been craving Mexican food often lately, probably because of all the time I’ve spent in […]