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Pony (Copenhagen)

It’s one thing when the expectedly good turns out as such, but entirely another when the unexpected turns out to be exceedingly good. Following a superb dinner at Relæ, the next night, we dined at Pony, a relatively lesser known restaurant in the western part of Copenhagen […]

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Luke’s Lobster (Harajuku)

I had my first taste of a lobster roll as a kid on a family road trip with my parents. Like many other of our Chinese immigrant friends, road-tripping as a family was a big deal. It was for one, cheap. And two, it was […]


ginger scallion lobster

I can always count on my dad to happily surprise me with a dish from his kitchen. We’ve never cooked this traditional dish at home before; we’ve only ordered it out at Cantonese restaurants, and only then, rarely, since it’s an expensive one and a […]

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