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Authentic Thai in Roppongi

Eating good, authentic Thai food is like tasting an artist’s palette of colors. There are layers and layers of flavors: bright, sweet, sour, bracing, bitter, fishy, salty, rich, fiery, aromatic… the combination of which is so compelling that it blows away any assumptions about Asian […]

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thai seafood tamarind salad

If you take away anything today from this post, I urge you to try the tamarind dressing, as it’s simple, and can dress up any lifeless pile of greens and veggies. It is especially good with seafood. The tamarind is tangy and earthy all at […]


new favorite thai

Fillmore at Broadway We found one of our favorite views of the city tonight. At Fillmore and Broadway, if you look out across the Marina, you can see the sprawl of the northwestern part of SF, and the Golden Gate bridge. We stopped there for […]



There’s always a buzz when a new hip Thai restaurant moves in, and from Annapolis! I’d heard much about Lemongrass, and it’s sister restaurant Tsunami next door, actually first from my hairdresser (whose opinion I worship). Mr.S and I, who’d most likely be Thai reincarnates […]

pad thai

pad thai

This is a very straightforward and authentic recipe for pad thai, one of my most loved dishes. It plays on different flavors simultaneously- sour, sweet, salty, and umami. Mr.S and I frequently get carry-out thai on our busy nights; I have a feeling we’ll be […]