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Bigilla (Broad bean dip from Malta)

In Malta, I tasted a delicious bean dip that is called bigilla. We had it every morning, slathered on fresh baked bread, with sausages and assorted sheep’s milk cheeses. Bigilla is traditionally made with dried broad beans, but there are variations of the dip that […]


yeye’s sweet and sour spareribs

I attribute my strong carniverous tendencies to my grandfather. He raised his 4 children on pork, and his grandkids were no exception to the rule. Most parents urge their kids to drink plenty of milk, to eat all their veggies and fruit, even resorting to […]


beard papa

I can’t say I’m not a little bitter. It was my idea first. As a kid, having eaten my way through too many a Chinese restaurant buffet, where Jello, almond cookies, soft serve fro-yo, and cream puffs were always reliable mainstays at the dessert island, […]


jian bing: beijing street food

Ever since I was little, my parents treated street food in Beijing like the bad boy in high school; they barred me from even getting within a 10 feet range, they covered my eyes, telling me how it was dirty, cheap, and would give me […]


culture club: make your own yogurt

What’s happened to the dairy aisle of our supermarkets? It’s as if a lipo machine came through and sucked the fat out of all that yogurt, replacing it with stabilizers, thickeners and artificial sweeteners. It seems nowadays we’re more concerned with the bacteria (and how […]


napa, day 3, bouchon overload

Needless to say, the morning after the wedding was a late start, involving a Starbucks run, and a happy decision to drive up to Yountville for some culinary TLC at Bouchon. Yountville turned out to be a very small town, but full of big names, […]


napa, day 2, the wedding!

Mr.S and I basically ate on the run the whole day, at least up until the wedding. Why does it always seem like everything piles up on you the day that you have the most going on? So in an attempt to just focus on […]


napa, day 1

After over 2 hours of grueling bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway, we finally found ourselves in open country… wine country, the valley of the Napa, that is. Our good friends, I’ll refer to them as “the Doctors,” (both are residents at UCSF) had […]


SF, day 2

I strolled over to Mr.S’s office today to meet him for lunch, al fresco. It was one of those rare, hot days in SF, almost 80 under the sun. I’ve been craving Mexican food often lately, probably because of all the time I’ve spent in […]


SF, day 1

Let me tell you, house hunting is a marathon event. It can really wear you down, especially when you have to walk everywhere (think hills in San Francisco). So, a girl’s gotta keep up her energy by eating well! After a late flight into SFO […]



There’s the aroma of fresh-baked bread, and then, there’s the aroma of freshly-baked sweet, eggy bread, stuffed and topped with a myriad of Asian snacks. Think pork floss, curry chicken, sweet corn and cream, taro paste, durian paste, black sesame, and Chinese sausage. The smells […]



I wasn’t quite sure what exactly to call this post. “Life changes, ” or “New beginnings” seemed a bit too fluffy and somewhat trite, like a Lifetime movie of the month title. And a dish name certainly would have been inappropriate, since well, I haven’t […]



January 17, 1926 – April 21, 2008 I never realized how lucky I was to have all four of my grandparents alive and healthy for so long. Illness and death were such intangible notions that never crossed my mind. Four years ago, when my grandmother […]


i turn 1!

Birthday or anniversary? A year ago, I posted the very first entry about a very special Easter dinner, and Curiously Ravenous was conceived. I had no idea at the time where I wanted to take my writing, or my cooking. I just knew that I […]


the zuni cafe

I’ve known about Zuni Cafe for a few years now, but it was just so darn far away. All the way on the other side of the country. Luckily, when Mr.S and I were out in San Francisco over Valentine’s Day, we got to dine […]



I made a wish. Well, a couple actually, and in no particular order really. For another delicious year of food, glorious food, with the best friends, family, and all the people I’ve yet to meet. And simply… for more cupcakes too.


christmas in aruba

Every Christmas, we escape the crummy cold weather for the sun and beaches of the Leeward Islands, a trio of three small isles that make up part of the Netherland Antilles, just a couple miles off the coast of Venezuela. Loaded down with a medley […]

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