Hidemi Sugino Pâtisserie (Kyobashi)

Last week, I lined up for cake, and as a result, joined the countless other fans across the world who make up the cult following of Japanese pastry chef Hidemi Sugino. Having just been awarded the title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, at the Asia’s […]


King George Deli (Daikanyama)

In a city where most sandwiches resemble finger sandwiches served at high tea­­–usually involving egg salad and mayo between two thin slices of boring white bread–it’s refreshing to see a big brawny sandwich, loaded with fresh meats, cheeses, and veg. The kind of sandwich where the […]

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Luke’s Lobster (Harajuku)

I had my first taste of a lobster roll as a kid on a family road trip with my parents. Like many other of our Chinese immigrant friends, road-tripping as a family was a big deal. It was for one, cheap. And two, it was […]


The Hunt for Fresh-Mex in Tokyo

What is a life without good fresh-Mex food? A pitiful existence, I’m afraid, devoid of the pleasures of having your burrito deconstructed into a bowl form, or having a mountain of fresh guacamole piled high atop a “light” carnitas salad with cheese and sour cream. […]

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Chibiz Coffee

You can’t miss it. Because it’s bright orange. And cute as hell. I am talking about a vintage retrofitted Citroën van parked in front of National Azabu in Hiroo. The van’s rear door is propped open, and from within emerges cup after cup of simply delicious […]

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Mocha Coffee (Daikanyama)

The only coffeehouse in Tokyo that serves Yemeni coffee, and only Yemeni coffee, is tucked away on a quiet street of Daikanyama. So, when we were in the area recently, we made a quick stop in to Mocha Coffee to get our caffeine fix. Mocha Coffee […]

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Kikanbo Ramen (Kanda)

When it comes to ramen, I leave that in Mr. S’s capable hands. The “S” does in fact, stand for soup noodles, haven’t I mentioned that before? All kidding aside, he does do his due diligence when it comes to finding great ramen shops about […]


El Rincon de Sam (Ebisu) and Mariachi Samurai…

“So…where can we get good authentic Mexican food?” we found ourselves asking everyone when we moved here to Tokyo. Typically, our listener would then engage in lots of head scratching and “…eeeeto…..” (literally “uuum” in Japanese). That is, until we met a friend-of-a-friend, who is […]

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Farmers Market at UNU (a.k.a. Aoyama Farmers Market)

Living in the SF bay area for the past 7 years, we got spoiled. The temperate weather, natural landscapes, presence of diverse ethnic communities serving up delicious and authentic cuisines at reasonable prices, and the omnipresent farmers markets. No matter the time of year, there was a […]

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Pizza Slice

The art of good pizza transcends borders. It’s a universal language that speaks to all tastebuds. (That is of course, unless you are a gluten-free vegan.) You don’t have to be an American or an Italian to appreciate good pizza. And you certainly don’t have […]

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Meal Delivery Services in Tokyo

Since we don’t have a car in Tokyo, and there are no drive-thru fast food places (for us lazy Americans), we have to rely mostly on ourselves to shlep home prepared meals when we don’t feel like going out to dine-in someplace. We live close […]


We’ve Moved . . . to Tokyo!

As a result of a flurry of events that cascaded upon us at the beginning of this year, long story short, Mr. S and I have moved to Tokyo earlier this month! From one City by the Bay (SF) to another––Tokyo bay––we have fast begun to […]

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