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Kissaten YOU

Westernized Japanese food, or Japanified Western food? There’s no good answer to this seemingly odd question. But, whatever the answer, the food that’s typically served at old school Japanese kissaten, or coffee shops, has become a distinct cuisine unto its own in Japanese culture. There […]


Gen Yamamoto, A Cocktail Tasting

Gen Yamamoto is not your typical cocktail bar. Margarita on the rocks? Vodka martini? Forget it. This is not where you go to get your drink on on a Friday night while swiping through Tinder. Nor is it a fancy craft cocktail place with the […]


Shake Shack Tokyo

Happy 2016 folks! 2015 went by in a blink. Although it felt short-lived, it was filled with life altering changes for us, and plenty of adventures in eating. What better way to send off the year (before ringing in the new one with healthy eating […]

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Sushi Bar Yasuda (Minami Aoyama)

Omakase sushi is the dream meal for someone with attention deficit disorder. This particular thought kept running through my head, as piece after piece of sushi, each unique and enthralling, was placed before me by the hands of a master, and self-proclaimed “sushi mensch,” Chef Naomichi […]


Taco Rice タコライス (Recipe)

When Mr. S and I first move to Tokyo, we ate out almost every day because we had none of our pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Although we had some rental kitchen items, we were seriously tempted by the thought of exploring our new neighborhood, and […]

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Authentic Thai in Roppongi

Eating good, authentic Thai food is like tasting an artist’s palette of colors. There are layers and layers of flavors: bright, sweet, sour, bracing, bitter, fishy, salty, rich, fiery, aromatic… the combination of which is so compelling that it blows away any assumptions about Asian […]

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Massimottavio: Neopolitan Pizza in Eifukucho

2 Exceptional Pizzas at Massimottavio The Japanese may be known for topping their pizza with potatoes, corn, and mayonnaise, but a deference to traditional Italian ingredients and ways of cooking has also permeated Japanese tastes. The adherence to the vera cucina italiana way of making pizza […]


Hidemi Sugino Pâtisserie (Kyobashi)

Last week, I lined up for cake, and as a result, joined the countless other fans across the world who make up the cult following of Japanese pastry chef Hidemi Sugino. Having just been awarded the title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, at the Asia’s […]


King George Deli (Daikanyama)

In a city where most sandwiches resemble finger sandwiches served at high tea­­–usually involving egg salad and mayo between two thin slices of boring white bread–it’s refreshing to see a big brawny sandwich, loaded with fresh meats, cheeses, and veg. The kind of sandwich where the […]

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Luke’s Lobster (Harajuku)

I had my first taste of a lobster roll as a kid on a family road trip with my parents. Like many other of our Chinese immigrant friends, road-tripping as a family was a big deal. It was for one, cheap. And two, it was […]


The Hunt for Fresh-Mex in Tokyo

What is a life without good fresh-Mex food? A pitiful existence, I’m afraid, devoid of the pleasures of having your burrito deconstructed into a bowl form, or having a mountain of fresh guacamole piled high atop a “light” carnitas salad with cheese and sour cream. […]

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