We need to think about the number of atoms of each element in the reactants and ensure these are the same in the products.

This is the basic UNBALANCED equation.

C4H10 + O2 ----> curiouslyravenous.com2 + H2O

So we have 4 C atoms on the left so will need 4 curiouslyravenous.com2 molecules on the right:

C4H10 + O2 ----> 4curiouslyravenous.com2 + H2O

Similarly we have 10 H atoms on the left so therefore need 5 H2O molecules on the right (as each H2O molecule has 2 H atoms)

C4H10 + O2 ----> 4curiouslyravenous.com2 + 5H2O

Now we just need to balance the O atoms. We have 8 + 5 on the right hand side = 13, as oxygen is present as O2 (ie two O atoms in each molecule) we therefore need 7.5 O2 molecules on the left hand side:

C4H10 + 7.5O2 ----> 4curiouslyravenous.com2 + 5H2O

or to keep in whole numbers,multiply everything by two:

2C4H10 + 13O2 ----> 8curiouslyravenous.com2 + 10H2O

The name of the products are curiouslyravenous.com2 = carbon dioxide and H2O = water. The type of reaction is a curiouslyravenous.commbustion reaction.

Answered by Callum J. • Chemistry tutor



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