If you are having a hard time finding nicknames for someone named Scott, you’ve come to the right place!In this article, we’ve put together a list containing the best nicknames for someone named Scott.

But first, what is the meaning and origin of the name Scott? Scott was originally a Scottish surname and is derived from the Latin name Scoti which means “Gaelic speaker”. The name Scott refers to a person from Scotland or a person who speaks Scottish Gaelic.
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Popular Nicknames for Scott


Scotty/ ScottieScooterScootScotty boyScottoOttsScottsTeeTiti: 

Cute Nicknames for Scott

Scottie PieScottie BearButter Scott: Scottie HottieBiscotti: Cottee

Cool Names for Scott


Nicknames for Scott From TV or Books

Names from interesting fictional characters on television and in books can substitute as suitable nicknames. Here are some fictional characters named Scott:Scott Lang (also known as Antman): A fictional character in Marvel Comics, Ant-man.Scott Summers (also known as Cyclops): A fictional character & leader of Marvel Comic series X-Men.Scott Evil (also known as Evil Junior): The son of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers’ film series.Scott Pilgrim (also known as Slacker): A fictional character in a Canadian authored graphic novel titled Scott Pilgrim.Scott McCall (also known as Teen wolf): A fictional character and the main protagonist in Teen Wolf series.Scott McKnight (also known as Common): A character in the American romantic comedy, Just Wright.Alan Scott: (also known as Green Lantern): A fictional Superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC comics.

Nicknames from Famous People Named Scott

Travis Scott La Flame:Scott Dickson: The lord