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This business has been closed for two years.

I will help you, of course! What kind of question is that? I'm your brother, for goodness' sake!

Although I gathered some translations from the web, I would like confirmation from native speakers that you would actually use them in the same context i.e. you're shocked that someone would even consider asking such a seemingly pointless question.

What does that even mean?

Wouldn't that be a question?

Which question would you like to ask?

What does "ne dämliche question" actually mean?

I appreciate your assistance.


that"s out of the question

Yes, there's no question--an ellipsis

In addition to turning the other phrases, adding a confirmative particle would add a whiff of irony as well.

PS: I see you already had the emphasis in place after all.This probably works.It still sets a different tone, especially with "dämlich."


What's the matter with "ne dämliche Frage!?"? What's wrong with a question!

Fit well.Shorter would also work.

Is there a question to be asked?

I will definitely help you.Exactly what is your question?

"Das ist ja wohl selbstverständlich!" oder "Also: How do you get to ask me anything at all?".I think it's the same as what you'd say.

Could you please tell me how to ask such a question?

Was do you mean (me that now)?

Depending on the tone, the speaker might indicate that the answer to the question is obvious or that he hopes the destinatary will not doubt the brotherhood.


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