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As a carrier oil, Soybean oil is a very versatile and widely used product.Soy oil, as some call it, is popular in the culinary industry and in the personal care industry.There are also many industrial uses for soybean oil.Order from Bulk Apothecary, where 100% pure soybean oil prices are the lowest in the industry, and get this polyunsaturated fat rich oil today!

Get to Know Our 100% Pure Soybean Oil

100% Pure Soybean Oil Benefits and Uses

Warning: The information provided on this page is not intended as medical advice.There is no guarantee of accuracy or reliability on Bulk Apothecary's part or on that of its business partners.Consult your doctor before using our 100% pure Soybean oil, especially if you will be using it during pregnancy.In addition, we encourage you to test the product to make sure it meets your needs before implementing it for mass production.

Pure soybean oil is rich in polyunsaturated fats and slowly hardens.The following characteristics offer unique uses and benefits for soybean oil, which are outlined below.

Add soybean oil to food recipes as an additive.

For hardening their products, soap makers can use pure soybean oil.

Ink manufacturers, oil paint manufacturers, and insect repellent manufacturers can use our 100% pure soybean oil as an additive in their products.

This article was posted by PAUL on the 8th of November 2016

As usual, this is no exception!.I have a question, because someone asked me:

The 24th of August 2016 was posted by Unknown

I am very pleased with BA's pricing and shipping!

The 27th of July 2016 was posted by Anna

In my soaps, I've always used soybean oil, which is consistently good.

Post by Anna on 27th Jul 2016

In my soaps, I've always used soybean oil, which is consistently good.

Jean, 6th July 2016

It is easy to use.Moisturizes skin

The 14th of June 2016 was posted by Sharon

This oil is delivered quickly, and I use it in my natural insect repellents, mostly to extend the life of volatile oils.The silkiness of soybean oil feels refreshing - it leaves the skin feeling soft without being greasy - it is gentle.Then, I combine it with organic Witch Hazel, Madagascar vanilla, plus whatever essential oils are included.

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The company is my first experience ordering from them.The shipment arrived in a timely manner.

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Fortunately, Bulk Apothecary does not disappoint.I appreciate the oil.

As posted by Susan on 26th Sep 2014

My opinion is that this soybean oil is one of the best oils I've tried, since it has such a soft, non-greasy texture. I was very impressed by how soft and smooth it was, and the scent which is so faint will blend nicely with the other ingredients.