.Pigments are very useful in making various dyes, and you should know about them.In addition, when you use these dyes to craft materials, you will boost your Cooking trade skill.They can also be used to farm certain types of furniture.Here we will discuss How to Get Pigments in New World.

How to Get Pigments in New World

In the New World, there are 12 different types of Pigments that you can obtain.Here is a listing of all the Pigments found in the New World.

As follows:.Pigment of black color

202.The blue pigment

Three.Black Pigment

2. 3.Yellow Pigment

Five.Pigment in green

Sixth (and last).A pigment of magenta

Seven.An orange pigment

Eighth.Red Pigment

Nine.Pigment Red

I.Color Turquoise

I.Color: White

No rewrites were found.Colorants yellow

.Colour of the Fungi, however, is dependent on the pigment color.For example, Blue Pigments can be obtained by Blue Fungus, Green Pigments by Green Fungus, and Red Pigments by Red Fungus, and so on.It is also possible to purchase Pigments from trading posts.

.You will need to harvest a resource totally in order to earn the trade skill XP.

It's all for this guide on How to get Pigments in New World.



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